Halima Cassell

Artists Talk
with Halima Cassell

Borough Museum and Art Gallery, Brampton Park, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Wednesday 4th May, 5.30pm

FREE, Booking is Not Essential but please email us so that we have an idea of numbers.

Halima Cassell is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading young talents. Influenced by travel in Asia and the Far East. Her most recent work explores new material, non-geometric forms and a dialogue between her sculpture and ecclesiastical art and architecture.
A showcase of the work of Halima Cassell, an artist whose multi-cultural background spills out onto her work. She includes  strong geometric elements and architectural principles. She uses heavily grogged clay that allows her to work on a large scale. This exhibition shows pieces that focus on her Asian roots but combine with her fascination for African patterns.

‘Dreams Made Manifest’ is Halima’s largest and most ambitious exhibition to date and includes work of different materials, scales and approaches whilst still incorporating the lines, curves, facets and planes that make it unmistakably hers.

5:30pm – Presentation about the work, techniques etc

5:45pm – walk and talk

6:15pm – Q and A

6:30pm – Finish

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