Date: 19th March

Artist Kate Lynch

Venue: Newcastle Museum and Art Gallery, Brampton Park, Newcastle-under-Lyme ST5 0QP

Time: 11am – 3pm

Duration: 4 Hours


Limited Spaces available, booking is essential

Print Making

The workshop will outline print methods that require little specialist equipment with an emphasis on using inexpensive and readily available materials to produce effective results quickly. Explore what a ‘print’ can be, using alternative printing mediums such as emulsion paint, inkjet transfers, and experiment with a range of papers, surfaces and backgrounds. You will be shown some basic techniques which can then be layered for more interesting results.

The techniques explored will be ideal for quick results when working in the studio, and for the development of sketchbook work, book art, artists multiples, and small scale prints.

As this is an experimental workshop you will be free to explore your own ideas using the techniques and equipment available. You can therefore bring along any images you want to work with such as photographs, scanned drawings, text, photocopies, interesting patterns- anything you want to make a ‘print’ from. Material brought can be hard copies such as photocopies or photographs, or digital images (Jpeg) on USB stick or disk. You are also welcome to just come along and use the resources provided.

You will also have the opportunity to create a sketchbook of swatches and notes of methods explored which can become a reference point for further work, and a keepsake from the day.

Artist Kate Lynch creates paper based artwork, multiples and interventions which contain elements of ‘print’, using basic and unconventional methods of printing and ‘DIY’ methods. She also utilises digital image and inkjet printing combined with hand produced backgrounds and printing by hand.

to book please email newgenerationspace (at)

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