NEW Workshops for 2011…

It is another year and we have a new selection of exciting and interesting activities for you take part in…For more information about each workshop click on Workshops and Events above

Most of the activities will require you to pre-book a place due to a limited number of spaces, to do this just email the project,

dates marked with * are To Be Confirmed.

Sat 22 January: Contemporary Ceramics Workshop, with Denise O’Sullivan: Workshop combining both a practical and experimental exploration of contemporary ceramic technique, and artist talk from Denise.

Sat 5 February*: Printmaking, Practical workshop looking at a range of printmaking techniques suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. Prints to sell, Limited Editions, One offs for exhibitions etc.

Portfolio Development Programme, a series of three workshops, for people thinking about or intending to enter higher education in the arts sector. It will give you the skills and advice to ensure you make the most of the work you are producing.

14th Feb Session 1, 21st Feb Session 2, 7th March Session 3.*

26 February*: Sound and Moving Image, Experiments with sound and visual techniques to create art, also looking at ways of working on a small budget, for example mobile phone films.

5 March*: Experiments in Photography, A look at some of the experimental ways photography can be used within art practices, the techniques involved will use both digital and film based approaches.

14 March*: Writing and Words, Art from words session. Experimenting and exploring words within art production. Text and writing play a key role in the creation of artwork, this session will explore some of the ways that you could develop this, with examples of work produced by the lead artists.

March: Getting Paid, As an artist getting paid is important and should reflect the effort that is put in, but how do you do this. This seminar with Emily Speed will explore  how  the current economic climate could affect you as an artist, and how to get around the pitfalls.

April: Approaches to Drawing, do you want to expand on your drawing skills, develop them from scratch, or find new ways of drawing. This is an experimental workshop looking into various aspects of drawing, intended for participants of all abilities.

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