Collectors and Collecting Seminar | 12th November

2.00pm – 4.00pm 12th November
The Borough Museum and Art Gallery, Brampton Park, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This seminar will attempt to examine the relationship between artists and investors in arts. The most direct way for an investor to support artists is through collection of their works. This relationship has been around for time immemorial, but what relevance does it have to today, what does it take to be a collector and become a collected artist, and what are the effects of being in a public or private collection.

The Speakers will be:

  • Stephen Snoddy, director of the New Art Gallery, Walsall
  • Special Guest TBA

Spaces for this talk are limited so booking is essential please contact NGS or call 01782 261221

Stephen Snoddy is a British Curator of Contemporary Art and Gallery Director. Stephen Snoddy was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1959. He trained as an artist at Belfast College of Art where he graduated in 1983 with an MA in Fine Art. His first job was to run a small community arts centre Harmony Hill Arts Centre in Lisburn, Northern Ireland where he established an annual Summer Arts Project for children, a dark room photographic facility, a pottery studio and an exhibiton programme and low cost studio provision for young artists.” -wikipedia

Stephen Snoddy has come from a grass roots and artist led background, having worked as exhibitions manager for the corner house Manchester he has also been director at the Baltic, and the New Art Gallery Walsall, where he is currently based. At this post he has been influential in establishing a public arts collection scheme for the west-midlands, through a consortium of galleries and organisations.

The seminar will look at the following areas:

  • Background to both
  • Ideas behind collecting and how it is important
  • Sustainability- both for collections and the artist.
  • Accessibility of collections
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