Rich White

My current work involves physically altering (or
appearing to alter) existing architecture in public
and exhibition spaces. These architectural interventions
are developed specifically for their location through
research and site visits; responding to the architecture,
history and current happenings in the area.
Through this I create a narrative or story that I feel
evokes the collective subconscious – a visual reference
that seeks to provoke thoughts about the location by
drawing on elements of the locale. The final work
often takes a simple form or pattern of structure which
is intended to resonate with the viewer through its
unexpected familiarity.
The work is built on-site from materials found or
reclaimed in the vicinity and integrated into the existing
architecture. Afterwards the materials are recycled or
returned for reuse. This conveys a connection to its
location and influences its development. The work is at
the whim of the materials I can find and at the mercy of
their limitations.
It is about making it work, about adapting ideas to
changing situations, and creating an inspiring experience
for the viewer which challenges their perception and
causes them to question what they see.

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