Chris Lewis-Jones

My work explores and questions evolving notions of cultural identity. I am interested in the post territorial narratives of post modernism and the disparity that exists between the paradigms and the atavistic reality of ethnic conflict as witnessed in our streets and on our screens. I am particular interested in deconstructing the identity of the Englishman.

As one who was, until quite recently embarrassed by his cultural identity. I have come to value and enjoy elements of both my maleness and my Englishness. As England enters a period of accelerated social (and ethnic) transition, signs and symbols are becoming, like Baudrillard’s floating signifier’, less fixed, even fluid. Art That explores an identity that is paradoxically ancient yet emergent, will of necessity, become a discourse of uncertainty asking rather than answering question; I hope too that it will be work that is suffused with a with that is more than hollow irony.

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